Who are we?
The Concho Valley Chapter of Basketball Officials serve San Angelo and the surrounding area.

We provide quality officials for UIL sanctioned basketball contests throughout the preseason, district, and postseason play.

How to Join
Playoff Clinic Feb 11
Invitation Only

Girls Regional Final
Boys Regional Final
Girls State Final
Boys State Final

Each official selected to work a Regional or State final went to a camp this summer.  Below are recommended camps:
Texas Tech Team Camp


Follow this link to TASO for new members or renewals. 


Local Dues
Local Dues - due Nov 1 - $20
Game Fees - due Dec 1 - $60

current events...

chapter documents....
Current Paysheet

Constitution and By-Laws October 2017

Chapter Policies

TASO Policies

UIL Section 1204 Payscale

Post-Season Things to Remember...
  *Have a thorough pregame
  *Game management for entire game
  *Crisp uniform
  *Treat others with respect and professionalism at all times.
  *Check your bag.
  *Double check your bag.
  *Call your partner.
  *Do great and represent the Concho Valley!

Basketball Officials Uniform
Grey Pinstirpe Shirt (no panels)
Black Pleated Pants (no belt loops, no belt)
Black Shoes / Socks
Black Whistle / Lanyard

Closed Dates
Please keep your closed dates current in Arbiter.

Regardelss of our affiliation, we are all officials.  We provide the boundaries to the players of a great game!  The weight of our responsibility on the court is humbling.Our duties are extremely significant, and the game could not be played fair without us.   
We are sometimes ridiculed, belittled, yelled at, pointed at, and stomped at all to shake our confidence.  Yet we stand quietly strong, holding our own composure to prevent any escalating behaviors from coaches, players, or fans.  We remain confident because we have studied, we have practiced, we have listened, and we have prepared to do our best EVERY TIME we step on the court.
                                                                        Kelli Hanna