David Rivera

Tressa Brown

Vice President
Kelli Hanna

Assignment Secretary
David Skelton

JP Patterson

Assistant Secretary
TASO Representative

Director of Training
Justin Warren

Janell Koehn

Jacob Brink

board of directors

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How to Join:

1.  Apply for membership online at www.TASO.org. 

2.  Pay local membership dues ($20) to Chapter Treasurer - David Skelton.  

3.  Attend local Chapter meetings, and new member training.

Congratulations to the CONCHO VALLEY 
ALL STAR CREW selected for the 

Pictured left to right:  David Rivera, Chris Cardenas, Jason Battle, J.P. Patterson

A Model of Excellence
Regardelss of our affiliation, we are all officials.  We provide the boundaries to the players of a great game!  The weight of our responsibility on the court is humbling.Our duties are extremely significant, and the game could not be played fair without us.   
We are sometimes ridiculed, belittled, yelled at, pointed at, and stomped at all to shake our confidence.  Yet we stand quietly strong, holding our own composure to prevent any escalating behaviors from coaches, players, or fans.  We remain confident because we have studied, we have practiced, we have listened, and we have prepared to do our best EVERY TIME we step on the court.

 Kelli Hanna

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S 
2012 State Tournament Crew

    Tavori White
    Tressa Brown
    Kelli Hanna
    Brian Narvid - Alternate
Constitution and By-Laws
2014 Boys State Tournament Crew:
R:  Tavori White
U1:  Chris Cardenas
U2:  Tony Allen
Alternate:  Tim Bozarth
2014 Regional Tournament Crews:
R:  Tressa Brown
U1:  JP Patterson
U2:  Tim Bozarth

R:  Janell Koehn
U1:  Brian Rader
U2:  Ricky Kelley